I went a little off the deep end with this project. The assignment was to make up a country and design a flag for it after determining some demographic and cultural facts. I recently heard that my Greek grandfather called one of my relatives’ girlfriends “kameloparthalie” which means giraffe in Greek. And I decided that it is the most fun word to say I’ve heard in a while, plus its etymology is cool- its a blend of the words for camel and leopard (makes sense if you visualize). Hence, the name of my country. Its background is that it is a lush and sunny island in the Caribbean populated by giraffes who make wine. The fertile land makes for great grape growing conditions, so wine making has become the way of life for all the inhabitants. Over time, evolution has caused the grapes to grow higher and higher (to avoid being harvested by the giraffes) so they have built complex and intricate staircases covering the mountains on the island. Its pretty much the trippiest place ever, in a nutshell (think Dr. Seuss).

There was a suggestion that I keep going with this, and make other paraphernalia for Kameloparthalie- passports, licences, maps, etc, and maybe even a children’s book. Back burner.

Torture Awareness Project

The National Religious Campaign Against Torture is a group that’s trying to stop inhumane treatment of war detainees by the US military, and last week we each had to develop some artwork to help them promote their cause (the occasion being that June is torture awareness month). There were a lot of heated opinions on the subject, but in the end we had to focus on the fact that they’re our client and our job was to help them get their message across in the most effective way possible, regardless of our personal views. So, here’s what I came up with.

NRCAT Tshirt front

NRCAT Tshirt Back

NRCAT Poster

NRCAT poster street mock up

NRCAT Billboard

NRCAT Billboard street mockup

Night on the Lake

Had a great time this past weekend at Wisp Resort, on Deep Creek Lake in MD. A few shots here from Friday night.