Grub Shots

Did some food photography yesterday for a rebranding project we’re doing. Here are a few photos from the shoot, finishing up the rebranded ad and will share soon!



More photoshop retouching- had a marathon couple of days of photoshop and I feel like a wizard. Here’s another before and after- see if you can catch all the changes I made:



Changes: removed moles, removed necklace and belly button ring, removed ring on hand, removed razor burn (underarm and bikini line), removed tattoo, gave her a nose job (straighter, shorter), dyed her hair, gave her a tan, evened up and slimmed down the sides of her torso, made her shoulder bone more delicate, moved bikini over to the right, extended shadow on top of right leg (to match bikini extension), darkened the background. Some people also gave her bigger boobs, or a beer belly which we also learned how to do, but I already felt evil and judgmental enough. Who’s next??


I’ve been learning new photoshop tricks this week, major fun. I retouched this photo here to remove this guy’s wrinkles. Am trying to decide which of my parents is going to call me first with similar requests (NOT that either of you looks this old, or old at all, foot in mouth, digging hole).

Original photo:

Wrinkles removed: (I only did retouching on the left side of his face, so you can see the original on the right throughout the process.)

Some wrinkles added back for a more realistic look:

Skin blurred a little, to even tones and reduce blotchiness. Final on the left, original on the right, magic!

XNR Logo Redesign

We did a mock project for XNR productions (, a map making company. The idea was to communicate the company’s core values while giving them a more modern look. I did tons of sketches and versions, but ended up picking the one below that I put on the mock business card.


Signature Theater Posters

Here is some work from a project we did in the beginning of June for Signature Theatre. We each picked plays from their previous or upcoming seasons and redid their posters. All the originals are on their website ( along with plot synopses.

For one of my posters I chose a play called The Boy Detective Fails, which is about a boy who used to play detective with his younger sister and is put in a mental institution after her death. He is later released and comes home to try and piece together the events surrounding her death. I did a photo shoot with toys/items that I collected- the Sunday flea market at Wisconsin and T St. is a GREAT source for things like comic books, marbles, toys, old clocks etc. I was trying to gather a bunch of things that might be found in a boy’s pockets, and the pile represents the boy’s lost, broken and forgotten childhood.

My second poster is for a play called The Hollow, which is based on the plot of Sleepy Hollow. I drew the trees, title letters and axe with pencil and charcoal- I had a lot of fun with this! We’ve been very strongly encouraged to take our work out of the computer (preferably starting projects this way, or at least taking the design back out somewhere during the process), which calls on different skill sets and creative thinking modes, and in my opinion results in a much more organic and unique outcome.

Night Water

I couple nights ago I took some shots of the Georgetown Waterfront and the Kennedy Center. I’ve been having a great time with night pics, I love light, reflections, and all the colors they make. I haven’t been altering the shots I’ve been posting here, been trying to figure out my camera better and better so I can get low light pics the way I want them to be. I definitely am not against altering, but I’m just trying to practice getting things as close as possible the first time around right now (helpful to practice with stationary subjects!). Its amazing how different these kinds of shots can turn out just by tweaking shooting settings a tiny bit. Here are few that I like, I especially love this purple color!

8:37 pm

Summer Solstice- June 21st, the longest day of the year, and probably my favorite! Sunset was supposed to be at 8:37 I went out to catch some late evening shots. I ended up at the National Cathedral just after sunset, but with a thunderstorm rolling in it got pretty dark pretty fast. I stuck around to get some shots of lightening which was VERY exciting, something I’ve always wanted to do!