SPA•NA•KOP•I•TA (Greek word for yum.)

Spanakopita has always been one of our favorite dishes that mom makes, so I decided to try making it myself. Here’s how it went down.

Sauteed dill, scallions, onion and spinach.

Mixed together eggs, feta cheese, and the secret ingredient: nutmeg.

Threw it all together–I like to get down and dirty with it, tastes better if you mix it by hand.

Then everything went into the pan with layered and buttered filo dough on the bottom and top.

Trimmed the edges and cut it into squares (good trick to pre-cut before baking), and put it into the oven!

(Some people found other culinary projects to keep them entertained during baking time.)

30 mins and 350 degrees later:


Annnnnnd yum!

Mangia! Magazine

I designed a food & wine magazine a couple weeks ago, really enjoyed the project, and drooled a lot while working. We were allowed to pick whatever topic we wanted, and only had to do a few sample pages- a cover, department spread(s), and a 6-page feature spread. Here’s what I came up with!

Click on the images to view them at a larger size. The cover is shown alone, and the subsequent pages are shown as spreads.

Some of the photos and copy are my own, but I also took from other sources (and were this anything other than just a class project I’d be more diligent about sourcing and credits). Thanks to Rosa Behrens for the delicious looking festival food pics.