A cure for the winter cold

My three roommates and I all have been feeling a possible potential preliminary throat tickle so I decided to make something that would scare out anything living in our throats. Or wherever. I concocted this random thing from scratch, it is a cross between chicken soup and pho. And I love it. This is what it looks like:

And these are the ingredients:
Chicken Broth
Chicken–boiled & pulled, or a pulled rotisserie chicken
Jalapenos (3!)
Red Pepper Flakes
Sriracha Sauce
Salt & Pepper, etc, whatever is in the pantry, whatever you want to add (I actually added soy sauce to my bowl and have no regrets)

Here are the simple steps – sautee the veggies in a big pot with a couple inches of chicken broth (proportions of veggies up to you), then as they get soft add the chicken and as much broth as you want. Prescribe as needed.

The perks: 1. You will have to blow your nose, A LOT. 2. There are tons of vitamins and mysterious elements that will, alleviate your cold, give you energy and make your body happy. 3. Its very low fat, and delicous.


Its portfolio week, which means revised designs and updated posts (and lots of work)! Here’s a new version of a poster I did a couple months ago (posted previously in “Signature Theater Posters”), old version is below.