New Neroli

This past fall Neroli Spa renovated and moved into a beautiful new space on West Main St. in Charlottesville, VA designed by Michelle Phelas. I helped them with a total rebranding to go with their new modern digs, including a new logo, signage, lots of print materials, architectural and product photography, email campaigns, and restyled website.

A sampling of a few pieces is below. Visit their website at to see their treatment offerings and more!

The new upstairs space

Holiday gift guide email (including new logo and product photography)

Rack card (these photos by Andrea Shirey Photography)


Responsive Facelift!

I recently redesigned the website for Creekside (a local neighborhood being built) to incorporate responsive design so that it looks better across devices, and provide them with a content management platform so that they can easily access and update content on their own..check out photos below, and live site here.

Beads on a Wire

One of my hobbies has always been making jewelry, and I thought I’d share some pieces here that I’ve made over the years!

Sneathern & Lhospital

Just got a new website up and running for Charlottesville Law Firm Sneathern and Lhospital. The project was a complete branding overhaul, from a new logo and color scheme to web design and devlopement for a new, fully responsive website! They were fabulous clients and I had a great time working with them and getting to know them all.

Screenshots of some different layouts below, and you can check out the live site at




Old Metropolitan Hall

Old Metropolitan Hall is a new event venue coming this fall to the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, VA.

Renovations of the historic space are underway, and include blasting a tunnel below neighboring stores to add room for bathrooms.

I put together some ads to introduce the space in a few local papers and magazines. As you’ll see in the photos below, the place is completely gutted so there isn’t much to show yet, but we used a conceptual drawing done by the interior designer Jeannette Andamasaris to show where it is headed.

Here are some photos of the project, I’ll be tracking the progress and doing the website so there will be more updates to come!

The Exterior (on the Mall at 1st and Main St)

The Kitchen

Dynamite! The Door to the New Hallway.

Down the Rabbit Hole

The "Stairs" to the Downstairs Lounge.

These awesome old ceiling tiles will be preserved... will these bricks.

The Backdoor



Inn the Works

There is a very cool project getting underway in Charlottesville- some old houses on Oakhurst Circle are getting restored and converted into urban inns, and a new upscale apartment building will also be built in an adjoining lot. The work is just getting started, but I made a couple of landing pages to start the Inn’s web presence, take a look at

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PHP playtime

These are two games I made when we first started learning PHP. One of them is madlibs and the other is a dating quiz. Click the photos to play! Obviously these are silly and just for fun. And I guess my saying that playing with PHP is fun makes me an official geek. But it is!


I’m a little late with this one, but here are some gifts I made for some special recipients this Christmas:

Pillows for cousins Thano and Luca (their mom’s favorite color is purple):

(this is Thano),

and a scarf for Dad-

modeled by the magnificent Aunt Betty (Thano and Luca’s mama).

Hardcore Hardcovering

My mom surprised her boyfriend by illustrating a story he wrote for his kids, and I think she should consider a new career (she did a great job!). I made covers for her and have some evidence of the process here.

Making Ugly Things Pretty

Here’s a mock brochure I did for an apartment complex in DC (and first time photographing my own print work!). The building is unattractive and the units are expensive, but they have many amenities and are in a fun location. They need a brochure that will make them enticing to buyers and renters looking to pay for upscale apartments. So my goal here was to convey luxury and fun, and highlight the ideal location. Ooooh la la.