Inn the Works

There is a very cool project getting underway in Charlottesville- some old houses on Oakhurst Circle are getting restored and converted into urban inns, and a new upscale apartment building will also be built in an adjoining lot. The work is just getting started, but I made a couple of landing pages to start the Inn’s web presence, take a look at

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They’re Heeere

The cherry blossoms in DC are out like crazy, ahead of time and purdy as ever. I went for a run this evening and when I got down to the Tidal Basin immediately wished I had brought my camera. My phone and I did the best we could.

Washington DC cherry blossoms around the tidal basinwashington dc cherry blossoms around the tidal basin

washington dc cherry blossoms around the tidal basin

Need a Swizzle Straw for that?

I caught this little guy getting after it yesterday morning. Looks to me like a fantastic breakfast.

PHP playtime

These are two games I made when we first started learning PHP. One of them is madlibs and the other is a dating quiz. Click the photos to play! Obviously these are silly and just for fun. And I guess my saying that playing with PHP is fun makes me an official geek. But it is!


I’m a little late with this one, but here are some gifts I made for some special recipients this Christmas:

Pillows for cousins Thano and Luca (their mom’s favorite color is purple):

(this is Thano),

and a scarf for Dad-

modeled by the magnificent Aunt Betty (Thano and Luca’s mama).

Hardcore Hardcovering

My mom surprised her boyfriend by illustrating a story he wrote for his kids, and I think she should consider a new career (she did a great job!). I made covers for her and have some evidence of the process here.

Tuscarora Trail

Today I hiked a 10 mile loop on and around the Tuscarora trail in southern PA. The hike was mostly along the ridge line and there were great views on both sides. Temps were in the low 20’s but there was enough hill climbing and rock scrambling to keep us warm. I definitely recommend it for a day hike!

In your FACE

A couple weird portraits of a couple weird people.

Making Ugly Things Pretty

Here’s a mock brochure I did for an apartment complex in DC (and first time photographing my own print work!). The building is unattractive and the units are expensive, but they have many amenities and are in a fun location. They need a brochure that will make them enticing to buyers and renters looking to pay for upscale apartments. So my goal here was to convey luxury and fun, and highlight the ideal location. Ooooh la la.