Old Metropolitan Hall

Old Metropolitan Hall is a new event venue coming this fall to the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, VA.

Renovations of the historic space are underway, and include blasting a tunnel below neighboring stores to add room for bathrooms.

I put together some ads to introduce the space in a few local papers and magazines. As you’ll see in the photos below, the place is completely gutted so there isn’t much to show yet, but we used a conceptual drawing done by the interior designer Jeannette Andamasaris to show where it is headed.

Here are some photos of the project, I’ll be tracking the progress and doing the website so there will be more updates to come!

The Exterior (on the Mall at 1st and Main St)

The Kitchen

Dynamite! The Door to the New Hallway.

Down the Rabbit Hole

The "Stairs" to the Downstairs Lounge.

These awesome old ceiling tiles will be preserved...

...as will these bricks.

The Backdoor



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