Thank you to past and current clients for your kind words. You make what we do meaningful and enjoyable.

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“I’ve worked with Christa at multiple organizations on both digital and printed projects. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her work is fantastic – you only need look at her website for evidence of that – but what you can’t see in a portfolio is how much of a joy she is to work with. She’s responsive, creative, an excellent listener and an excellent guide. She makes you feel like her only client. I’ve recommended her many times whenever someone is looking for graphic design or for digital content or strategy, and I do it again here without reservation.”
-Brian Simalchik, UVA Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging

“Working with Christa was one of the easiest tech experiences the non-profit I work for has ever had. Not only did she quote us a reasonable amount of money for a new website, she also understood the budget constraints of a non-profit, as well as our staff work flow. She never spoke over our heads, but took the time to explain why certain website features mattered and how they would help our fundraising efforts in the long run. But, best of all, not only is our new website affordable and great quality, it’s also beautiful. She really took the time to understand our needs and bring our brand a notch above.”
-Kristin Sancken, Ready Kids

“My office has enjoyed working with Christa for several years. Her work has always been professional and creative. She’s responsive to our needs–and always patient with our changes! She’s definitely our “go to” for external design work. Her work is highly versatile and contemporary, and she’s not afraid of a challenge. Highly recommend!”
-Lynn Woodson, UVA Health System Development

“Christa is a dream to work with! Not only is she super talented, she’s incredibly efficient, accommodating, and responsive. She designed invitations for 2 events I was throwing and it was so nice to not have to worry about meeting deadline with the printer; Christa was on it! I highly recommend her!”
-Christie Steele-Garcia, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic

“We had an emergency need for an immediate and important design product. Albano Design not only was instantly attentive but responsive throughout this project. We had a number of course corrections but it did not affect a very ambitious schedule. Exceptional quality and value.”
-Phil Giaramita, Albemarle County Schools

“I have worked with Christa at Albano Design for nearly a decade on both personal and professional projects. Her technical prowess is matched by her artistic eye. She has done outstanding web design, collateral marketing pieces, logo work, and is just all around awesome person to work with. On top of that, she provides a cost effective solution for our small business, with timely responsiveness. 10 out of 10 stars…would highly recommend. Just fantastic.”
-Ali Moseley, Moseley Real Estate Schools

“Christa provided our organization with a comprehensive and delightful website redesign experience. She took our existing website and transformed it into a fresh and reorganized interface that satisfied our needs and exceeded our expectations. Once the new site launched, she has always been available to answer questions and provide guidance.”
-Joshua Oryhon, Camp Susquehannock

“We are working with Albano Design on a new technology startup solution that uses complex Artificial Intelligence to advance sales skills and more clearly interpret prospect/client interactions. We provided Christa with the overall Phase One concept and asked her to build out the digital design. She did a great job; Very Professional, Creative and all iterations were done on time with perfect digital quality! We look forward to working with them on Phase II.”
-Tom Woodcheke, Strategy 10

Aside from possessing a great combination of expertise, Christa is so easy to work with that it’s turned the chores of website and marketing into a truly pleasant experience. Her communication is excellent, she’s patient with us, and most importantly, her work is both technically and aesthetically outstanding. Christa is versatile and responsive. We recommend her highly!
-Jessie Chapman, Goodhouse Design

“Top notch service, excellent design, and an absolute joy to work with – grateful for Christa’s talent and ability to get the job done.”
-Lori McCarty Brannock, Loring Woodriff Real Estate Associates

“My experience with Albano Design has only been stellar. Christa responds to any of my requests quickly and with grace. She has always had creative ideas and assisted me with problem solving at a moments notice many times. I highly recommend Albano Design!”
-Anne Tilney, Apprenticeship Connections

“Christa is an absolute joy to work with. She is knowledgeable, highly skilled, and eminently affable.”
-Claire Raymond, Author

“INCREDIBLE design work. We’ve partnered with Albano Design on multiple projects and the work is always top-notch. We would definitely recommend.”
-Chiedo John, Chiedo Labs

“I had Christa help me design and create a one of a kind concert poster as a gift for my wife. She was responsive, she listened to understand what I was trying to accomplish and was open to feedback during the design process. Her rates were reasonable and the time it took her to complete seemed fair. I was extremely happy with the entire process from initially reaching out to having a final product in hands. Christa made it really easy.”
-Chuck Coder

“Dear Christa, I just wanted to let you know how pleased my partners and I have been working with you on our new website. You were tasked with revamping and modernizing a 20 year old site and you were saddled with a crew of technologically challenged neanderthals, all of which you handled beautifully. You answered all of our questions, always had good suggestions and ideas, met every deadline and stayed within the originally established budget. Your calm good humor made all of our meetings a pleasure. Your input and your gentle suggestions always guided us towards a better result. Your ability to resolve any and every technical issue never failed. We have already recommended you to several friends.”
-Geoff Pitts, on behalf of On behalf of John, Jim, Tim and Judi at Ace Contracting, Inc.

“Designing my website and logo with Christa was a pleasure. I am really happy with the outcome. Her creative talent and technical skills are impressive. Christa is a great collaborator, she listens, she is readily available, she has innovative ideas, and the skill to manifest any vision. I would recommend her design services to anyone.”
-Kathy Heiner, KLH Designs

“Christa has always been a delight to work with, both personally and professionally. Professionally speaking, she’s responsive, very organized, great at meeting deadlines, efficient, and communicative. She’s also extremely creative when coming to the table with new ideas, and very easy to work with personally. Christa’s design work for my company has included projects for both print and web, and her work has always been top-notch. She’s patiently provided guidance when I have needed it, given constructive feedback and creative options for design, and delivered superior end results every time. We will continue to work with Christa and Albano Design for years to come.”
-Rachael Palm, Hospice of the Piedmont

“As I began to develop my logo and website for my new business, Christa played an invaluable role. She asked wonderful questions to help me determine my brand and gently steered me toward style, color and format choices that reflected my vision. She demonstrated both creativity and professionalism throughout the process, always responding to yet another change with good spirits and “can-do” attitude. She acted as a fully invested partner in our mutual project , giving me the confidence that we would arrive at solutions together. And we did! Many thanks, Christa.”
-Susan Bennet, Fieldgate Consulting

“Being in the hospitality business I was constantly hearing that having a fresh, motivating, photo centric web presence was essential for driving traffic to the door. That was definitely the case if I wanted to appeal to the millennial audience.
There are numerous national web design firms but I wanted a custom design and to work with someone locally. I found all that and more while working with Christa at Albano Design. Christa first developed a creative design concept that caught the viewers attention and then applied her technical skills to make the site intuitive, clean and functional.
What was of particular value to me was the continual interaction and guidance Christa provided during the entire process. As you can tell already, I’m a pleased client and fan of Albano Design.”
-John Cowden, Fort Lewis Lodge

“Christa Albano is wonderful to work with. Christa helped me set up my website from start to finish. In our preliminary meetings, she guided me to a level of service that was appropriate for my business and then helped me with everything from selecting a template, customizing the design, selecting third party vendors and advising me on content. Christa also educated me on how to navigate WordPress so that I make changes to my website quickly and easily going forward. She offers a high level of service and has always been responsive and effective in answering my questions.”
-Lindsay Burton, Founder and Principal of Kayo Advisory

“Christa was an absolute pleasure to work with. I wasn’t happy with the appearance, functionality or customization of our existing web site- I knew a few basics for what we wanted, but Christa took the reins with the design and layout, and she introduced a format where we could add and edit content easily. I’m very happy with the site we now have, as well as the price we paid to get there. I would definitely use Christa again in the future, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”
-Mike Ball, President of Element Construction

“Christa came into a very difficult situation with us. We had an awful website, hardly anything could be reused, and we were on an extremely tight budget. Not only was Christa extremely patient with someone who is technologically challenged she took my style into consideration when designing the site. She did an incredible job, even trained my staff to do any updates we wanted to do, within budget and before we expected it to be finished.”
-Forrest Mitchell, Manager of Bounce-n-Play of Cville

“Christa’s work on my site was by far the most effective use of my money that I have had the opportunity to appreciate. Once she had completed my site, I had an immense barrage of questions and alterations for her to work on, but where most people have become impatient or less involved she has consistenty come through for me every time without fail. Needless to say, I enthusiastically recommend Christa Albano’s services and support.”
-Tristan Buie-Collard, Musician

“Christa Albano walked me through the process of creating a professional website. She educated me about website design, offered me helpful, thoughtful suggestions and has continued to follow through with ongoing review of the website. I highly recommend Christa for website design and consultation.”
-Marilyn Minrath, Forensic Psychologist

“Christa Albano has been extremely helpful with new invitation designs for our organization. We are always working with tight deadlines, and she was willing to jump right in and come up with new, creative ideas in a very short amount of time. She’s reliable, always meets her deadlines and is willing to do whatever it takes to get us what we need. I am so grateful to have such a great creative resource nearby and look forward to working together on future projects, whatever those might be.”
-Ami Somers, Art Director, Southern Environmental Law Center

“Christa recently did a complete re-design of my web site for me and I think she did a great job. Her communication throughout the process was excellent and I felt her charges were quite reasonable. I would strongly recommend that you consider her for your web development needs.”
-James G. Rice, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering & IP / Patent Litigation Expert Witness

“Christa transformed an abstract vision of mine into a wonderful website, with which I could not be more pleased. She communicated clearly and effectively and was creative, resourceful, and thoughtful throughout the process. She took great care in ensuring that I was comfortable not only with the final product, but with every decision made along the way. Christa has happily remained a valuable source of information ever since my project was completed, and for that, I am grateful.”
-Macon Gunter, Realtor

“Once in a blue moon we are lucky to meet that professional who we wish could do everything for us. The lawyer or doctor whom we wish could be our dentist, our plumber and our accountant all in one. Christa is exactly that professional whose service is so complete and full of integrity, you wish you could clone her for all aspects of your life needs! Her efficient use of her time, her thorough approach to the project, her attention to detail and her perceptive understanding of the material make her a one-of-a-kind design professional.
When I came to Christa I was bringing her a germ of an idea. Within one hour it was clear to me that she understood the core concept of my business. She was able to put this into words in a way that anchored me, and has guided me ever since.
It is rare to find a web designer who excels in programming, and the aesthetics of design. Christa is this rare breed who excels in both arenas. Not only does she provide her clients a one-stop experience of concept development, branding, product design, website development and design expertise through each phase of a project, but she has a remarkable gift to be able to organize material and edit text. Anyone who ends up at Christa’s door will be fortunate to have found her.”
-With gratitude and admiration, Insight Dynamics LLC